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There are many reasons people may use self storage. Whether your home is smaller or doesn’t provide enough built in storage, you are currently in between homes and need a spot for your furniture and other belongings, or if you have a business that you run from home with more inventory than you can fit in your personal residence, a secure self storage facility can be very helpful. In each of these cases and more, a self storage space is a great solution.

Self Storage: How to Stay Organized and Keep Your Belongings Accessible

However, this solution can cause more problems if it isn’t organized properly. Many people find themselves frustrated when they are unable to locate or access the things they need when they need them. Here are a few tips for keeping your self storage space organized and your belongings accessible:

  • Create zones – Organizing your boxes or belongings into categories will make everything easier to locate. Create zones and even a chart or map helping you, or someone you may send over to know where items may be.
  • Consider weight – Not just size, but also weight should be considered when stacking. Don’t put a small, but heavy box of books on top of a stack you might need to access often.
  • Leave pathways – When possible, leave at least a foot and a half of space between each zone so that you can walk through without having to move everything.
  • Use clear containers – Yes, cardboard boxes are more affordable, but clear containers make it much easier to see items, and to get in and out of the container without damaging it.

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