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Few things in life are more stressful than moving house, right? Heck, 60% of people rank it above breakups and divorce in terms of the stress levels involved!

It’s no surprise either. You’re lifting, sifting, and shifting all your worldly possessions from one place to another. All told, moving to a new home can be one long hassle from start to finish.

Of the many moving tasks on your to-do list though, nothing is as time-consuming, painstaking, and arduous as packing everything up into boxes! That’s why knowing how to start packing for a move is so important.

With the right approach, you can make lighter work of the process and avoid expensive errors along the way. Want some expert advice to help you do it? You’re in the right place!

Keep reading to discover exactly how to pack for a move with minimal fuss.

Sort Through Your Possessions

Begin the packing process by making an inventory of everything you own. Going one room at a time, sort through your stuff and write a full list of items you want to take to the new place.

This has multiple benefits. For instance, there’ll be less chance of:

  1. Leaving anything important behind, and
  2. Filling your new home with things you no longer need.

Of course, it also allows you to verify nothing’s missing when you’ve finished unpacking. You can refer to the inventory and see if everything’s in place.

Get Rid of Unwanted Possessions

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to clear out your old junk! Having sorted through it all already, the next step is to throw out, donate, and/or give it away.

Do it now and you’ll have fewer possessions to pack up and transport as a result. Better still, you’ll have far less clutter taking up shelf space in your new home.

Get the Packing Gear Together

You won’t be able to pack anything up without cardboard boxes, tape, and packing materials (such as bubble wrap) at your disposal! Make sure you’re well stocked up ahead of time with everything you need.

It pays to purchase/source higher-quality packing supplies wherever possible too. For example, heavy-duty double-walled cardboard boxes facilitate the packing process and protect your possessions better too. You can pack them fuller and they’re less likely to break or get damaged.

Pack Smart

Having a strategy is all-important when it comes to packing for a move. Rather than stuffing any old items into each box, try to put similar items together based on the rooms in which they belong.

For example, you’d want your bedroom items in one box, kitchen stuff in another, food in another, and so on. Everything will stay far more organized and be easier to unpack as a result!

On a similar note, you should place heavier items into boxes first and lighter ones on top. This should prevent those lighter possessions from getting crushed. Think about putting padding (such as packing paper or bubble-wrap) on the bottom to stop the contents from getting damaged in transit too.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling packed boxes will save a huge amount of hardship when it comes to unpacking! You’ll know where each box belongs in the new house, enabling you to be more organized and efficient.

Make a note on boxes that contain delicate items too. Writing ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters will ensure that anybody handling the box throughout the moving process will treat it with due care.

Oh, and consider taking photos of each box’s contents before sealing them. Those snaps will provide a useful reference point when you’re unpacking and can’t remember the location of a particular item!

Don’t Forget the Essentials Box

Of all the boxes you’re about to pack, the so-called ‘essentials box’ is arguably most important. Filled with basic tools and supplies (such as tea/coffee, a few pieces of kitchenware, spare clothes, and food to snack on), it’s the one you’ll reach for first when you arrive at the new house.

Be sure to put this essentials box together before you go (and remember to label it!). You’ll be thankful to have it after a long and taxing move.

Protect Valuables and Breakables

One of the hardest (and most stress-inducing) parts of packing is ensuring that your valuable items stay safe throughout the process. Think about your wine glasses, dining table, widescreen TV, computer monitors, and antique heirlooms.

The last thing you want is for them to get damaged in transit, right?

Thankfully, everything from putting plastic-wrap around smaller items to laying towels/sheets across larger ones (such as table-tops and TV screens) can make a difference. Other ideas include placing bubble wrap in boxes, positioning larger items in the van so that they won’t slide around, and using furniture sliders to prevent scratches on your new floors.

Be Ready Before Moving Day

Trust us, your life will be ten times easier if you’re all packed up and ready to go before you’re due to move! There’s nothing worse than the last-minute scramble to pack everything up. It’s a recipe for stress, mistakes, and disorganization.

In the bid for a calmer experience, aim to have everything done by the day before. With time on your side, you can load up the boxes, say a fond farewell to your old house, and get going with minimal fuss.

Exactly How to Start Packing for a Move

Moving house can be one long and stressful process! However, it’s much easier when you know how to start packing for a move. With the right approach, you can have your possessions packed up and ready to go in no time.

We hope the packing tips in this post will prove useful in this regard. Are you based in Columbus and want professional support with an upcoming move? Contact us today to see how our 5* service can lend a hand.

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