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So you’ve chosen to work with a professional mover. In general, that’s a good decision that can save you stress and a major headache at the very least.

As long as the company you choose to work with is professional, well-established, and reputable, you’re bound to have a great moving experience. However, even the reputable movers can still neglect to share every detail with you—and sometimes not knowing what to expect can make the process a lot more stressful.

At Old School Moving and Storage, we’re committed to making sure our customers are well-prepared for the moving experience. We know how frustrating it can be to not know what to expect during your move—which is why we’ve provided this quick guide to go over some of the most important things you need to know before moving day arrives.

What You Need to Know About Relocation

Did you know that interstate moving companies must furnish clients with a copy of a publication entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move? Most of our customers at Old School Moving and Storage don’t—and are surprised to know that this is required by law.

That’s just an example of one of the many things you might not be aware of as part of the moving process. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of eight things moving companies don’t always share with their customers to help you prepare for your relocation.

  • Off-season Moving is Cheaper: Movers work a lot in the summer—with about 60% of all moves happening between Memorial Day in May and the first week of September. This large demand means you’re going to pay more to secure their services during peak season. On the flip side, if you can wait until late fall or winter, you can save money thanks to professional movers commonly offering moving specials to drum up business.
  • An In-Home Estimate is Essential: Avoid any moving company that does not visit your home in-person to provide an accurate moving quote. The truth is that any quote given to you online or over-the-phone is inaccurate. Period. The only estimate you can count on is one that comes with a thorough in-home assessment. It’s not just distance but the weight that is considered when it comes to final costs. If things weigh more than the estimate is based on, then you’re probably going to wind up paying more when it’s time to unload.
  • Multiple Estimates are Necessary: Your mover wants to secure the job. That’s just how business works. However, you should never neglect to get at least three estimates before choosing your mover. Doing so helps you understand the differences between the companies in what they offer, but also will help you determine what’s fair.
  • Credentials are Easy to Check: Companies won’t tell you this, but their credentials and reporting information is easy to check. As needed, you can check with the BBB, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, online reviews, and other reputable sites to learn everything you need to know about the moving company you’re considering. Don’t forget to ask for references.
  • Ask for A La Carte Services: Your moving company can handle everything. That doesn’t mean they should. Unless they’re a full-service company that includes everything in their estimate without additional fees, you can save a lot of money if you handle some things yourself. For example, if you handle all of the packing, that’s one less service, you need to pay for. If you disassemble your furniture before they arrive, that’s less time it takes them to load the truck.
  • Start Early: Moving is better when it’s done early. This applies to not only scheduling the move in advance but also choosing an early morning move time. Your movers are less likely to be late if you’re the first move of the day. Plus, the movers won’t be tired and will, therefore, move faster and more efficiently.

Simple Moving with Old School Moving and Storage

At Old School Moving and Storage, we have been operating for over 30 years as a trusted agent for United Van Lines. During that time, we have performed thousands of different moves with a number of different options ranging from do-it-yourself to full-service solutions. Besides our options, we focus on earning the trust of our customers by offering superior service that sets us apart from everyone else in the moving industry.

As your Fox Valley and Chicago moving company, we strive to move beyond even the highest expectations of our customers. Whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, or internationally, we have you covered. Every move handled by our team is handled with expertise, efficiency, and your specific moving needs in mind. We also provide storage solutions for those customers who need them to best accommodate changes in moving plans.

Ready to start working with our trusted movers at Old School Moving and Storage? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home assessment.

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